Maddy Williams

Print Design

While my main focus has been on web design my love for design was originally sparked by print. Luckily during my college career I've had plenty of time to develop my print work alongside my web work. My knowledge of design principles and typography has expanded through elective courses and jobs working in graphic design. While my favorite tools are Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, I'm also comfortable with developing pieces in Adobe Illustrator.

22807 Magazine
Leah strikes a poses in a field of tall grass as the sun sets behind her. A huge part of my business is senior portraits, capturing high schoolers before they head off to college.
During one of my favorite shoots of the fall, Molly and Ian snuggle up at a local swimming hole for their three year anniversary session
Typically I shoot bridal portraits after a bride has finished dressing, but on Lexi and Glenn's big day we saved them until sunset to get some of her on location at their vineyard wedding.
Growing my own photography business has taken a lot of work along the way and I've invested time in mentoring sessions with other photographers to enhance my work. Amanda and Robert were kind enough to model one afternoon while I did a mentoring session with a photographer down in Fredericksburg, VA.
Reception exits are often dark and outside so I've had to master using my flash to catch wedding send offs.

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