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Hi there! My name is Maddy, and I’m an aspiring web designer and developer. I’m currently a senior at James Madison University in the School of Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Converged Media. JMU's unique program prepared me for a a creative, fast-paced career as a media producer in a field that is constantly evolving. While my studies focused on interactive design I was also encouraged to explore other media fields such as journalism, print design, video production and advertising. On top of my major classes I'm also pursing a minor in Educational Media to enhance my skills in information design and media instruction.

In addition to a minor in Educational Media I've completed a minor in British Communication and Media. During spring semester 2016, I spent 3 months living abroad in the heart of London while taking 5 classes to complete my minor. Covering topics in intercultural communication, British media and society, pop culture and more. My time abroad encouraged hands-on study that took me out on London's streets to learn on a daily basis.

Upon returning from London, I interned full time with Insomniac Design in Washington D.C., for summer 2016. During my summer with the agency I worked directly under the creative director to develop wireframes, create graphics, and design web page mockups. I was also given the chance to work independently on front end development projects and Wordpress theming.

For me web design is all about storytelling. The way the client represents themselves in person and online is their brand and should tell their story to their audience. Every single client comes with a message they're trying to get across and by keeping the focus on storytelling it allows well thought out plans for the brand representation. Through carefully crafted design with a focus on everything from color schemes and imagery to user experience and interactivity I want to create an online storefront that will hook viewers with the aesthetics, and keep them scrolling because of the experience.

Want to know more? I can be reached at or via the form on the contact page.

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